Terms of Service

By commissioning me, the artist, in any kind of way, you are agreeing to the terms of service below and is considered a binding contract. These terms may be changed at any time by the artist.


  • All requests must be written in a clear and nice manner.
  • References must be provided and be clearly understandable, unless the commission is for a reference sheet.
  • ANY ill behavior toward me or my commissioners will result in your commission being cancelled.
  • Failure to comply with this terms of service will result in termination of any past, current, or future commissions.


  • All commissions must be paid in full before work starts EXCEPT for Pay What You Want commissions
  • Currency is USD, subject to Minnesota state sales tax.


  • Works in progress will be given at each major stage of development by me, the artist.
  • Change requests MUST be made at the sketch stage and will not be accepted afterwards.
  • After work has been completed, a large format image will be sent in PNG or PSD format.
  • A smaller image will be included for posting across social networks.


I, the artist, hold all rights to the produced work.

This includes:

  • Promotional materials for myself
  • Published materials including books and magazines
  • Posting via online social networks

The commissioner is allowed to:

  • Use produced work for personal use only
  • Print art for use around home or personal areas
  • Claim rights to commissioner’s own characters within produced work
  • Use are to promote themselves with proper credit to the artist

The commissioner is not allowed to:

  • Reproduce produced work for commercial means
  • Taking credit for the creation of produced work
  • Remove watermarks or signatures applied to produced work
  • Alter the work without consent of the artist

Commercial rights may be obtained by talking with the artist


I, the artist, withhold the right to cancel and refund the commissioner at any time for any reason.

The commissioner has no right to cancel or demand a refund from the artist AFTER payment for produced work has been received.

Any charge-back or fraudulence case brought against the artist while not following this Terms of Service policy will result in permanent banishment from any future business with the artist.

The artist withholds the right to post the commissioner’s public identity, publicly for any fraudulent behavior against the artist.