[Revised 6/5/2020]

​I (the artist) reserve the right to modify this document at any time I feel necessary.
By accepting a commission from me you (the commissioner) are agreeing to the terms laid out below.
I reserve the right to refuse a commission from anyone, at any time, for any reason.
All rights to the artwork itself belong to me and can distribute all works at my discretion.
Character rights are retained by the owner of the character.


  • All payments should be in USD ( American Dollars )
  • Payment will be given after work has been completed.
  • After payment is received, the final piece will be via email, through a download link, or a method of the commissioner’s choosing.


  • A 100% refund can be given only if no work has been done on the commission. If work has been done, a partial refund may be given depending on how much work as been completed, along with whatever has been done up to that point.
  • Contact me via email if you need a refund, not through any other source – including paypal.
  • Once a commission has been completed, I can no longer offer any sort of refund; however edits may be considered if you are unsatisfied with the work done ( may include extra charges depending on the request ).
  • Any forced charge backs will most likely result in you being banned from any and all future requests / work involving you.



A reference must be provided. I will take the requested description and create a piece of art.

Sketch Approval

Once a cleaned up sketch is created, this will be sent over for approval. If any changes need to be done, this is the step to request them in.

Ink and color

I work my magic to make it look cleaner, and if in color; I will add in flat colors and shading if needed.

Final Delivery

A fully completed image will be sent in high resolution via email to the email address of your choice.


  • A reference MUST be included before work begins on the project to ensure markings and character features are correct.
  • The first round of changes ( sketch approvals ) is free.
  • If more changes are required after the sketch approvals stage, a small fee may be charged to cover additional time needed to make changes; unless the mistake is my fault.
  • I am more than happy to be accommodating for changes and I want my commissioners to be happy, so please be sure to point out changes needed at the approvals step!


All customers MUST be at least 18 years of age before creating a request for work and sending payment. No exceptions.

Copyright / Usage Policy

I, the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing, not the commissioner.

You May
  • Upload the produced work to various websites as long as I am mentioned and a link to me or my website is provided in the description
  • Use the work as reference for additional artwork or a fursuit
  • Use the image for non-profit, personal use such as icons, wallpapers for desktops, or to print out
You May Not
  • Trace or recolor my work
  • Claim you or any other artist was the author
  • Remove my watermark or signature
  • Sell my artwork or make profit from in any fashion
  • Edit my artwork yourself or by any other artist without my permission
  • Take or otherwise use a character, reference, or produced image that was not commissioned by or for you
  • Repost my artwork without linking back to me